Blue Thistle Content

Freelance Writer/Editor
Blue Thistle Content is looking for writers and editors to write blogs and webpage content for a variety of topics like legal, medical, financial, and much more. Blue Thistle Content has provided quality blogs, web pages, and other content to clients for over seven years. We work with internet marketing agencies and individual clients, providing quality, optimized blogs, page content, and editorials. We have been in business for more than a decade. Our teams provide quality content to internet marketing agencies and individual clients. You will be expected to produce at least 400 words per hour or 2000 words during your shift. The exact word count will depend on the complexity of the assignment and your familiarity with the topic, but on average monthly, you should be able to produce at this rate. You will work using our platforms. We use for assignments and for keeping track of hours, Google Drive for writing and editing, and Slack for communications. We also use different industry software products, depending on client requirements, such as the SEMrush or Frase writing tools.
30 June 2022