Senior Reporter, FundFire
FundFire, a Money-Media publication that is part of the FT, is seeking a reporter to cover real assets for its FundFire Alternatives weekly. This is a dynamic market segment that includes some of the biggest names in finance. This beat will look at how private fund managers and other alternative industry firms build products around real estate, infrastructure, natural resources, timber, agriculture and other corners of the private market that give investors access to investments beyond stocks and bonds. Alternatives are an increasingly important asset class, as investors look for ways to hedge against potential market swings, beat inflation and deliver returns in all market environments. Often, these investments underpin the ability pensions, insurance companies, universities and endowments to deliver on their objectives. We need a reporter with a proven track record of breaking down barriers and developing sources in an opaque industry to find news that would otherwise go unreported. The ideal candidate for this job will also be able to find scoops and produce in-depth, analytical pieces using public records, data and whatever other information they may find.
30 December 2021