Grants Pass Daily Courier

Sports Copy Editor / Designer

The Grants Pass Daily Courier is hiring a sports copy editor to design and write headlines for three to four sports pages per edition in addition to pitching in when possible on other pages in the newspaper. We still print baseball box scores here on a daily basis, from Opening Day to the last game of the World Series. But local comes first, and our centerpieces frequently focus on high school sports. Our website has a hard paywall, which means nonsubscribers get zero free stories a month. We're not wasting resources on podcasts, video or newsletters. You won't have to meet Twitter quotas. This is not your typical small-town newspaper being hollowed out by a corporate owner. No one was furloughed during the pandemic and no one's pay was reduced. Our newsroom is a healthy mix of young journalists and longtime veterans. No other media source -- print, online or broadcast -- comes close to covering our local market at the level we do, and our readers respond with loyalty to our newspaper.

15 September 2022