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Technology Writers
How-To Geek is looking for some freelancers to help me with commerce content. We are looking for writers with specific expertise, so be sure to check the before sending me your info! This time, I’m looking for people with expertise in the following: Smart Home Electronic Accessories (surge protectors, flash drives, SD cards, etc.) and PC Accessories (mice, keyboards, printers, etc.) I don’t need writers for other content at this time. How-To Geek is an online technology magazine. We’re not a website for geeks—we are the geeks. We’re the people you turn to when your computer isn’t working right, you need to do something technical, or you want to understand the latest gadgets. We explain it all in simple, approachable terms. When providing instructions, we use a copious amount of screenshots that make technical processes easy to follow. How-To Geek is for everyone. Email all questions and submissions to Elizabeth Henges, Commerce Editor of How-To Geek, at:
29 May 2022