Finance Features Writer
Insider Inc. is looking for a finance features writer to join a new, increasingly high-profile team in our fast-growing newsroom. Through a variety of formats — profiles, investigations, breaking analyses, and most-powerful lists — we aim to bring readers closer to the most powerful people on Wall Street. The finance features writer will work closely with the finance features editor to deliver timely analysis, hard-hitting deep dives, and narrative features, as well as shorter-term analytical takes or scoops that their reporting may dig up along the way. The ideal candidate will have reporting chops, inside sources, and in-depth financial markets knowledge to help our desk drive the daily conversation on Wall Street. The reporter will employ a combination of reaching out to sources and developing new ones, as well as mining SEC filings, public pension minutes and documents, lawsuits, and other public records, and filing FOIA requests.
23 July 2021