Insider Inc.

Social-Media Business & Creator Economy Reporter
Insider is hiring a reporter to cover the business of social-media platforms and the burgeoning creator economy. This reporter will cover the rise of the creator economy and the platforms fueling it, from the giants like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram to the upstarts like Patreon and Cameo. The ideal candidate has a passion for this area of media and tech convergence and wants to break news and write inside features about the companies having the most impact, as well as the startups making a name for themselves. In particular, this reporter should be comfortable sourcing up within companies and chasing scoops in a competitive arena. We’re looking for a reporter to hit the ground running and generate original angles and exclusive, attention-grabbing stories about the evolution of this media ecosystem. This role will be focused on producing investigations, features that make readers feel they are inside a company, profiles of key figures, and smart analysis of the space.

20 December 2021