Jacksonville Business Journal

Florida’s First Coast has one of the hottest real estate markets in the country, with a resurging downtown, a booming industrial sector, residential development happening at a “supernova” pace and a flood of new people and companies. With that comes a number of issues, as the community deals with questions about affordable housing and smart growth, developers compete over projects and business leaders strategize their next steps. We’re looking for a reporter who can help our readers make sense of it all by being the first to find out what is happening in commercial and residential real estate and then being able to step back to put the news in context. Covering growth and development in Jacksonville requires a reporter who is driven to do the hard work of digging up news and is intrigued by the challenge of both reporting daily updates and piecing together the larger picture of the forces shaping our community.  To do this job, you’ll need to be great at sourcing, comfortable dealing with data and have a drive to help business leaders understand and compete in a fast-moving world. You’ll get to break news for our daily report and have dedicated time for longer-form journalism. And you'll get to do it in a place that cares about work-life balance, with a hybrid office setup, no weekend shifts and 11 paid holidays, including the Friday after Thanksgiving.
5 August 2022