Data Journalist
Kinsa has built the first real-time outbreak detection system and we are using it to help guide our country’s COVID-19 detection and response efforts. We are looking for someone that can dig through interesting data, find the interesting hooks, write it up, work with the team to make great visualizations. This person will be the voice of and will write compelling stories that are featured across mainstream media, government, health systems, and accessible to all.

Kinsa is looking for a Data Journalist to join our rapidly growing team. This is an opportunity to dig into a rich, proprietary dataset created by our network of millions of smart thermometers and accompanying mobile apps, and generate stories and insights that drive our national conversation about how, when and where to respond to the biggest health crisis our nation has faced in decades. You are the storyteller, you will have a huge audience across all media outlets, government entities, and individuals throughout the US.  You will be the voice behind the impressive science that makes Healthweather make sense to all.
31 August 2020