LendIt Fintech

Managing Editor
LendIt Fintech (www.lendit.com) is the world’s leading fintech media company. Bankers, fintech executives and investors from around the world rely on LendIt Fintech for industry news, analysis and gatherings -- online and offline. About you: You are an experienced Editor and Journalist who has a track record covering financial services, fintech and/or technology. You love to write and you love to lead other writers as an editor-in-chief. You are ready to roll up your sleeves and generate your own content as well as build a robust news organization.  No matter where you stand at LendIt Fintech, you stand inside a whirlwind of activity. We’re a small, potent team of doers, and each individual plays an important role and makes a big impact. Your performance is critical to our success, and you will have direct interactions with company leadership. 
12 May 2021