Senior M&A Reporter
MLex is looking for a seasoned journalist in Washington, DC, to cover mergers in the US. The beat involves coverage of regulatory risk related to mergers in the US, and in particular, the coverage of DOJ and FTC reviews of major deals. MLex seeks to get ahead of the procedural story through deep-dive analyses of the markets and case law to anticipate where regulatory problems may lie. It's a high-pressure beat in which there's an expectation you'll break market-moving news while offering the forward-looking analysis that helps inform investment and corporate decision-making. The readership is exacting but broad, covering law firms advising on deals, the regulators overseeing approvals, investors trading off merging companies' share-price volatility, and the companies themselves at senior levels. The work can involve anything from hitting the phones and mining the document resources to covering trials, monitoring filings, and attending conferences and networking events.
23 June 2022