Minneapolis St Paul Business Journal

Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal is looking for a competitive, resourceful reporter to cover Minnesota's vibrant startup ecosystem, which includes tech, health and med tech, and various other types of startups as well as the investors and organizations that foster them. This reporter will also cover the Twin Cities' largest tech and medical companies, plus the upper end of the region's residential property market. Coverage may appear in either Business Journal outlets, its sister startups-ecosystem outlet, Minne Inno, or both, depending on the subject matter. This combination of coverage areas is the essence of top-level reporting. It requires building — and working — strong source networks to uncover stories before anyone else and tell our readers why these stories are important. We need someone who is driven to do the hard work of digging up scoops, and is intrigued by the challenge of putting together the pieces of news to present a larger picture of the forces shaping our community. A good Business Journal reporter is editor of their own beat coverage and is easily able to assess what merits a story, an in-depth investigation or just a brief.
23 June 2022