S&P Global

Editor, Americas News (Natural Gas, LNG)
You are an experienced, scoop-driven business news journalist who loves serving readers with the commodities market-relevant news they need to make critical business decisions. You know your market, and you can’t wait to tell people what’s happening -- and what it means, particularly for prices. You are comfortable interviewing senior industry executives, including on mic/camera. You also love diving into earnings reports and regulatory filings. You seek opportunities to present data-rich news visually and understand that a “story” might be a graphic or podcast instead. Accuracy, timeliness and the ability to bring clarity to the complex are paramount. Your major area of focus is the expanding role of Americas natural gas (LNG) in global markets. Abundant gas supply and a rapidly expanding LNG export sector will be your focus. You will give Americas readers a perspective on global markets, and international readers will turn to your content for insight into the Americas supply outlook.
23 September 2022