San Francisco Examiner

Senior Political Reporter
The San Francisco Examiner, one of journalism’s most storied brands and SF’s oldest newspaper, is growing! We’re under new ownership, and we’re seizing the opportunity to reinvent the way we approach local news by growing our team from the ground up. Among other roles, we’re looking for a senior reporter to spearhead political coverage across the city and the region. Where is our governance succeeding and failing? What can we learn from initiatives in other municipalities? How will our leadership fundamentally impact the ways we work and live? In the city responsible for jump-starting the careers of the two most powerful women in the history of U.S. politics, we have a tremendous opportunity to use the Examiner as a driving force for conversations about a local political landscape with national implications. Our senior political reporter will be at the forefront of, and initiate, these conversations.
11 January 2022