The New York Times

Senior Producer, News
“The Daily'' led a revolution in the narrative news podcast space. Now, NYT Audio is seeking to broaden its reach inside the newsroom. Desks such as Politics, Technology, Business and International are ripe for innovation in audio. Your job, as a Senior Producer, News will be to start by helping in the realization of a new politics show. In developing new programming, NYT Audio has always asked the question — how does this want to sound and why? We are looking for candidates who are eager to help answer those questions, who are excited to push audio into new spaces and find new ways to bring journalism and ideas to life in a way that best fits the story they are telling and the listener needs. Strong candidates are highly skilled in every aspect of producing including: understanding how to frame episodes with strong ideas, establish stakes as well as identify good tape and use it effectively. You are fluent in building episodes with multiple tracks and can operate with technical precision. You can drive episodes from conception to completion on deadline, and you bring a spirit of collaboration and innovation to your work. You’re autonomous, curious, creative and excited to build and evolve the sound of The New York Times.  
25 May 2022