The New York Times

Senior Staff Editor
The Print Hub is looking for an editor to lead our three-person A2-A3 team, helping to create and manage our “front of the book” pages for the newspaper. Applicants should be creative thinkers equipped with a fun sensibility and should be voracious readers of The Times, sound editors and writers and expert at planning and scheduling. The A2-A3 pages incorporate material from across the Times universe. The anchor of the pages each day is a 700-word Inside The Times feature, intended to illuminate some aspect of how The Times does journalism. The rest of the pages entice readers to go deeper: excerpting and promoting web-only, multimedia and social-media content from our journalists; highlighting our service journalism; revisiting interesting and newly relevant stories from the 166 years of The Times's archive; and collecting fascinating facts from the rest of that day's paper. In this role on the News Print Hub, the successful candidate will write Inside The Times articles, interact with editors and reporters from all parts of the newsroom and be involved in all other aspects of creating and closing the pages. Ideal candidates will have experience with front-of-the-book magazine editing. 
29 June 2021