The New York Times

Senior Staff Editor
Would you like to edit fast-breaking news about the White House, Congress, the intelligence agencies, the military, the Supreme Court, U.S.- Russia tensions, the Jan. 6 committee and more? Then this Guild job of senior staff editor in Washington is for you. Working with the night editor, weekend editors and daytime editors, you’ll edit a wide range of copy about the Biden administration, including major enterprise pieces, investigations, profiles, Q and As, explainers, fact checks and visual stories. You'll handle first reads — comprehensive edits for structure, framing and balance – and second reads – close-in edits for grammar, spelling and New York Times style. You’ll guide reporters, assign some stories and land many more. Experience in Washington is desired but not a must.The hours are great if you like running errands on quiet weekdays, enjoying no lines at Trader Joe's and having movie theaters all to yourself: Sunday through Thursday, 4 pm to midnight, with some flexibility on starting and ending times. 
25 May 2022