The New York Times

Hedge Fund Reporter
We are looking for a reporter to cover the fast-moving, influential world of hedge funds. Hedge funds are everywhere — and yet are often very hard to see. They are investing money for your alma mater’s endowment and your city’s police pension fund. They are pressuring household-name companies like Procter & Gamble to remake themselves. They are directly lending to strapped businesses and consumers. They are amassing more money than ever for the elite traders who represent the top sliver of the top 1 percent. They are occupying a pivotal place at the crossroads of Wall Street and Washington. And they are generally doing their best to keep all of this secret.

We want a reporter who can tell readers what’s really happening in hedge funds – and why it matters to markets, companies and consumers. The person needn’t be well sourced among hedge funds (although that wouldn’t hurt), but she or he should have a record of being able to cultivate sources and translate complicated topics for a broader audience.

The right candidate should be able to produce a mix of important scoops, hard-hitting investigations, news analyses, trends stories, along with profiles and features. As we rethink our financial coverage, this person should also be digitally savvy, ready to experiment with new forms of storytelling across different platforms.
19 November 2019