The Sacramento Bee

Editor for Innovation
The Sacramento Bee is seeking a forward-thinking, results-driven leader with experience in newsroom transformation to help us deepen connections with our audience, grow subscriptions, experiment and innovate in a fast-moving digital news environment. This editor will collaborate with our audience growth and retention team and with journalists across the newsroom as we look to enhance our journalism with new technologies and new approaches to storytelling. This editor will be at the forefront of change, developing and executing new strategies for presenting news, reaching diverse communities and engaging our local audience. This leader should be eager to learn new skills, experiment and coach other journalists as we navigate an ever-changing media landscape. The editor for innovation will be a key leader at The Sacramento Bee, working closely with the audience development editor and with newsroom leadership to plan experimentation strategy, identify audience growth trends, expand training and launch community engagement efforts. This leader will help train and educate Bee journalists about the evolving media environment and the steps we as a newsroom need to take as we continue to adapt and innovate. The editor for innovation will lead content sprints focused on digital subscription conversion, collaborate with other McClatchy newsrooms on experimentation, explore new types of storytelling on multiple platforms and work with other Bee journalists on video and audio engagement opportunities.
5 January 2022