Dow Jones

Account Manager
- Achieve earning goal and generate new streams of Dow Jones revenue on products and services in Eastern China Market.
- Manage revenue forecast and pipeline to ensure accurate recording of prospecting activity, conversion success, and active revenue opportunities at each stage of the account management process and forthcoming new business revenue.
- Pro-actively prospect the targets identified. Keep a clear record of prospecting activity and conversion rations.
- Keep accurate and clear records within the global CRM system to provide a solid deal history.
- Complete market analysis to identify good potential target organizations, plus the specific roles and individuals to be prospected.
- Work on business initiatives with the colleagues within your team and with other departments.
- Clearly express the value proposition and benefits of the Dow Jones products and solutions, and use this knowledge to ensure that solutions address clear business needs for the prospect. Able to conduct live product demos, to further emphasize the value proposition and move opportunities forward.
15 December 2021