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Bureau Chief, Turkey – Reuters
We are looking for an experienced correspondent to lead an agenda-setting news file from Turkey, a NATO member and a pivotal regional power with outsized influence in European and Middle Eastern security. President Tayyip Erdogan has transformed Turkey in his two decades in power, shifting it away from modern secular traditions and turning it into an assertive diplomatic and military presence in regions stretching from the South Caucasus to North Africa.  We need someone who can lead a high-performing team to cover the country at a critical juncture in Erdogan's reign, with runaway inflation and a battered lira combining to threaten his bid for re-election within the next 12 months.  Turkey is one of the world's most important emerging markets. Its economy, politics, diplomacy and military interventions are of huge interest to financial and media clients as well as readers on our own dotcom and digital platforms. 
29 June 2022