The Wall Street Journal

Assistant Editorial Features Editor
The Wall Street Journal's Editorial Features department accepts and edits approximately two dozen op-ed articles per week. The position requires suggesting ideas for op-eds and regularly contributing written articles to the op-ed pages on topics of domestic politics and foreign policy; editing each day's op-eds written by the paper's columnists and outside contributors; fact-checking each article edited and preparing it for print, online and social media; inputting information, such as headlines, photo captions and credit lines, into the publishing tool for online articles; contributing editorials to the Review & Outlook section of the Editorial Page; evaluating dozens of unsolicited submissions weekly and either turning them down or recommending acceptance; maintaining relationships with past contributors and soliciting op-eds from them in response to breaking news; doing research to assist other editors; proofreading the op-ed pages each day before deadline; attending and participating in weekly editorial staff meeting; and attending and participating in editorial board meeting with experts and government officials.
30 May 2019