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    Report and write news-driven pieces, trend stories, and features related to personal finance with an emphasis on real estate, housing, and mortgages
    Serve as Yahoo Finance's real estate and housing on-air expert for Yahoo Finance Live as well as other outside media outlets.
    Find and interview experts who can speak to real estate/housing trends, news, and policies that pertain to people's personal finances, and provide best practices and advice.
    Pitch and write at least 3-5 new articles ideas every week based on news, trends, research analysis, and surveys.
    Pitch possible video, podcast, Tik Tok, and Clubhouse ideas on a regular basis and help with creation by script-writing, hosting, and/or fact-checking content.
    Learn to use the Flourish program to create one-of-a-kind graphics to complement articles.
15 November 2021