Aaron Gani

CEO at BehaVR
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Aaron Gani is the founder and CEO of BehaVR, LLC, creating digital therapeutics for behavioral health through the unmatched psychological power of Virtual Reality.

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  • Stress and burnout among healthcare workers is not a new phenomenon but the unrelenting pace and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic has taken these common challenges to new, unimaginable heights, bringing sustained, intense levels of stress. We are pleased to bring CenteredVR to healthcare settings. VR has shown that it can mitigate the effects of chronic stress, reduce anxiety, and enhance the overall mental health and wellbeing of those who use it. We are hopeful that CenteredVR can bring these benefits to our nation’s tireless and dedicated healthcare workers. In addition, we have a strong belief that any employee struggling to cope with stress at work would benefit from using CenteredVR.

    25 April 2021
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