Aaron Grau

President - Boutique Association Management Practice at Grau & Associates, LLC and 4 other companies
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Aaron Grau reestablished Grau & Associates, LLC in Pittsburgh after first starting the firm in Alexandria, Virginia. Before creating his own Pittsburgh-based company, Mr. Grau directed Pittsburgh’s Duane Morris Government Strategies’ federal government affairs practice from its creation, a 2012 merger between GSP Consulting and Duane Morris Government Affairs.

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  • On behalf of CSCJ, IIUSA, and its leadership, I am pleased to share our unanimous support of the introduction of House companion bill H.R. 2901, which comes on the heels of the recently introduced legislation by U.S. Senators Grassley and Leahy. For years, members of Congress and the EB-5 community have agreed that the Regional Center Program needs added integrity reforms to achieve long-term reauthorization and with less than 65 days to go before the current program expires, time is of the essence to turn this bill into law now and lay the groundwork for more program improvements in the future.

  • Perhaps more impactful, however, is the program’s opportunity to become better. A five-year runway, a Congressional endorsement of the program’s value, gives the program a confirmed seat at the table as Congress begins chewing its way through ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ and the most important matter to the EB-5 community: securing more visas.