Abakar Saidov

Co-Founder and CEO of Beamery at Beamery
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Abakar Saidov is the Cofounder and CEO of Beamery. Prior to Beamery, Abakar worked at Goldman Sachs and Francisco Partners. He's currently leading Beamery's mission to transform recruitment by empowering companies to deliver better candidate experiences at scale.

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  • Traditional HR is very admin-heavy, and when you add in payroll and benefits, the systems that exist are very siloed. The innovation for us has been to move out of that construct and into something that is human, and has a human touch. From a data perspective, we’re creating the underlying system of record for all of the people touching a business. So when you build on top of that, everything looks like a consumer application.

    22 October 2021
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    Co-Founder and CEO of Beamery