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Abe Eshkenazi has provided business, operational and compliance consulting services to professional service organizations, associations, and tax-exempt and government organizations. His leadership roles have included project management; business process redesign; and individual and organizational alignment, including design and implementation of outsource strategies.

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  • There was a talent gap before the pandemic; so it wasn’t like this [labor market] occurred because of COVID-19. What we’re seeing now is that the gap occurs at every level within the supply chain. The pandemic only exacerbated the situation, that we were already challenged with prior to the disruption.

  • Prior to the pandemic, most consumers were not aware of supply chain issues. Before the pandemic, we had a very efficient supply chain, as just-in-time was the hallmark of every industry. Consumers were provided with high-quality goods in a variety of choices at a reasonable cost. But no one really understood how this happened.

  • For logistics professionals this incredible e-commerce spike required a whole new level of alignment and synchronization.

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