Abe Eshkenazi

CEO at Association for Supply Chain Management (ASCM)
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  • Everyone’s lives have been turned upside down, it’s critical that we support digital learning and exam capabilities so that our candidates don’t lose any momentum in their pursuit of certifications and knowledge building. Now more than ever is the time for supply chain professionals to lead and support the mission critical functions. By completing certifications and expanding their knowledge base, they’ll be able to navigate the current crisis and prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

    29 April 2020
  • More than ever, consumers want to know that the products they buy are not only economically sound but also manufactured through practices that are ethically and environmentally conscious. Building these ‘triple E’ supply chains provide innovative companies with another platform to achieve competitive advantage, grow their market share and make the world better through supply chain – at the same time.

    9 July 2019
  • As the Association for Supply Chain Management, we work closely with businesses of all industries and sizes, and have a unique perspective on trends across markets. What we’re seeing right now is geopolitical uncertainty taking its toll. With existing agreements like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and the North America Trade Agreement voided, there is less confidence in economic agreements moving forward. Organizations are reconsidering their short- and long-term plans and taking steps to mitigate the risks associated with changing agreements. Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Mexico – and longer-term, Africa- are all locations seeing an increase in interest from U.S. organizations. As time goes on, we will potentially see some re-shoring (in process manufacturing, specifically), but the main driver for most business is low cost labor. From our perspective, this race to the bottom isn't good for people or economies. We’re hopeful we'll see an investment in the U.S. workforce as organizations reevaluate their manufacturing, as investment in employees is still a crucial aspect of successful and sustainable supply chains.

    9 July 2019
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