Abhishek Rungta

Co-Founder at EnergyTech Ventures and 3 other companies
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Abhishek is an Entrepreneur, Digital Strategy Consultant, Software Architect, Marketing Geek, Angel Investor and a Visionary. A technology guy, turned entrepreneur in his teens, Abhishek founded Indus Net Technologies in the year 1997.

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  • The trends in BI that point to end user BI are Auto Narratives where insights/outcomes are delivered in natural language; BI Bots where users can ask and receive insights from specialized bots; mobile analytics – which can provide insights all day, all year; Collaborative BI where users collaborate on BI platforms to gain insights; and Data governance which ensure data data quality for unstructured data.

    3 August 2021
  • Challenges are multifold because India, on the map, might look like a country but it’s more of a continent with different cultures. We have different needs, types of people, professions that they are into. The challenge is to stay relevant and create products that all of them can use and benefit from. To make it relevant is the biggest challenge.

    3 August 2021
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  • EnergyTech Ventures
    started Sep 2016
  • Indus Net TechShu
    started Apr 2016
  • Seeders Venture Capital
    started Sep 2009