Adair Mosley

President and CEO at Pillsbury United Communities
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Adair Mosley is the president and CEO of Pillsbury United Communities, a pioneering community impact agency guided by a vision for thriving communities where every person has personal, social, and economic power. A passionate change-maker and relentless strategic innovator, Adair seeks radical and inclusive solutions to the community’s most urgent needs, co- created with people most affected.

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  • Our mission is to create a just society where every person has personal, social and economic power. The disruptive forces of 2020 showed the inequity of a system built on racist policies and practices as well as the need to act with urgency to equitably rebuild. JBC will prioritize strategies that ensure the people who were part of the history of our communities are also part of the future. We envision thriving commercial nodes anchored by local businesses and green spaces, safe and stable neighborhoods, and meaningful work and wealth-building opportunities that close racial disparities.

    18 August 2021
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