Adit Damodaran

Pricing Analyst, Disruption at Hopper
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Adit is currently an economist at Hopper. As an Economist, he works with various types of travel data (i.e. airline, hotel, rental car, etc.). He combines his background in economics and data science to uncover interesting trends and insights about where people are headed and how they can save the most on their way there.

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  • In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic in Spring 2020, roundtrip airfare dropped around $60 with lower travel demand. Similar to past years, we saw price increase into the summer, fall during the autumn shoulder season, and rise again into the holidays.

    17 March 2021
  • Domestic airfare prices are expected to rise in mid-to-late March and gradually return to 2019 levels over the course of the year. And it is not too early to book for 2022, especially if you're booking with trip protection or flexible booking options.

    17 March 2021
  • The strongest increase will probably happen in late spring and early summer 2021, once the vaccine is more widespread.

    17 March 2021
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