Aivigail Lev

Founder & Director at Bay Area CBT Center and 1 other company
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Dr. Avigail (Abby) Lev is a psychotherapist, author, mediator, and executive coach in San Francisco, California. She is the director of the Bay Area CBT Center, a clinic that specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to help individuals and couples break unhelpful patterns, develop healthier habits, and improve all areas of life. She has coauthored three books on utilizing CBT to strengthen relationships and has presented her research at numerous conferences. Dr. Lev is also the founder of CBTonline, an online platform that connects people with online therapists who specialize in behavioral therapy and offers CBT resources such as webinars, e-courses, videos, worksheets, mindfulness audio, and much more. Dr. Lev utilizes evidence-based practices to help people who are struggling with a variety of issues live happier and more fulfilling lives.