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CMO at Explorium
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Ajay Khanna is the CMO at Explorium. Ajay builds data-driven marketing organizations with measurable revenue impact for growth and scale. He has led marketing strategy and planning, product marketing, PR and analyst relations, market research for various high-growth organizations. His roles included, sales enablement, competitive intelligence, differentiation, and positioning of products. Provided strategic direction and support to alliances and product groups.

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  • ...marketing has evolved considerably since I first started in this field. It has become much more data-driven, technology-enabled, and process-oriented. Having the right tools and processes that can help you quickly test your hypothesis and execute your ideas is critical. Speed is essential, and agility is a must. Especially during the last year, marketers had to devise new messaging and find new ways to connect to their customers. Being responsive in the fast-changing market was very important.