CEO/President Michael Rogoff at AKAM
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Established in 1983 on the premise of shifting the mindset within the industry, AKAM is one of the leading property management firms serving New York City and South Florida (with over 300 properties and 40,000 units in their portfolio), recognized for their highly-personalized, attentive, hospitality-led service designed for an enriched residential experience. AKAM’s work is supported by deep knowledge and expertise in the field, and best-in-class talent in hospitality, management, finance & planning, architecture, and related disciplines to elevate and enhance the value of your real estate asset.Powered by state-of-the-art technology, and the culture that nurtures and empowers excellence, AKAM seeks to maintain and build upon its definitive leadership in the management space while transforming the future of the industry at large. AKAM also has several companies under their umbrella including a sales and brokerage arm and sustainability/energy team.

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    CEO/President Michael Rogoff