Alan Gurjic

Founder and CEO at All of Us
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  • In a press release, Ashby Monk, Executive Director of Stanford’s Global Projects Center and All of Us Financial advisor, highlighted the need that the new trading platform would meet. “It seems obvious to say this, but the free platforms aren’t free. Do their users understand how they make money?” said Monk, “The world needs a 100% transparent investment platform that communicates clearly with users about how they make money and add value. This makes the All of Us proposition so relevant for the issues facing investors now."

  • “Think of telco operators back in the ‘90s, who all tripped over themselves to offer free long-distance calling when in reality it didn’t cost any more money to place a long-distance call versus a local call,” says Alan Grujic, CEO of All of Us, a new trading platform. “In a similar way, the time for extraneous fees in investing has ended.”

  • We've built a solution that is a multisided investment platform, social channel and trusted financial adviser in one, and we've done it by keeping our revenue model open, fair and honest.

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