Alan Kwan

CEO at One Tech
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Alan is the founder of One Tech, Executive Director of State Path Capital, Board member of Bionic Vision Technologies, Chairman of Bosa Technologies. Alan is an investor of Bionic Vision Technologies Pty. Ltd., he owns shares in it through State Path Capital Limited. Alan is beneficially interested in approximately 35.5% of the issued shares of PepCap Resources Inc. (Symbol:WAV.V), a capital pool company (as defined under the rules of the TSX Venture Exchange) which indirectly holds mining interests in Indonesia, and which shares are listed on TSX Venture Exchange. Alan holds a Bachelor of Science, Master of Health Science and and a graduate Diploma in Law.

Alan is an entrepreneur with interests across multiple industries. He is an executive director of JMC Technologies Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based company that is principally engaged in providing information technology solutions to multinational technology companies. He is also a director of Bionic Vision Technologies Pty. Ltd., a privately held Australian based company that develops visual prostheses to restore vision to the blind.

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