Alejandro Jerez

Financial Planner at Heritage Financial Advisory Group
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My own family’s experience with financial struggles helped me realize the importance of financial planning and drives my passion daily to help others do the same. From a young age, I constantly wondered “Will we be OK?” Since then, I have been dedicated to learning how best to prepare for different types of situations. This commitment led me to focus on comprehensive wealth management, which I believe is essential to ensure a healthy financial future. My mission is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to my clients’ finances. I’ve been a problem solver my entire life, so helping my clients bring several different and sometimes messy aspects of their lives into a clear, coordinated plan is an absolute pleasure every single day. I believe there are three fundamental pillars of wealth management: personalizing a financial plan, taking a holistic view, and educating. My clients also value my collaborative approach with their other professionals.