Alessio Lorusso

Founder and CEO at Roboze
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Alessio is the founder and CEO of Roboze, which develops the most precise materials extrusion 3D printing tech for the most performing super polymers in the world. Alessio built his first 3D printer when he was only 17 years old, inventing the beltless technology few years later.

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  • As more people get vaccinated and we learn more about the virus, 2022 should shape into a transition year for returning back to normalcy. However, for many companies like mine, certain practices that emerged during the pandemic will remain in place. Among them, hybrid work for some of our employees will remain an option.

    8 April 2022
  • Roboze 3D Parts is a key component of our vision to help manufacturers reduce their supply chain costs and time through digitalization of their inventory.

    7 July 2020
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