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I consider myself very fortunate. Over the course of the past 20 years, I had a front seat in three of the most significant transformations of our time: the massive digitization of all industries, the globalization of the world including the rise of China, and the shift from back-office to customer experience. During this time, I was very lucky to work with and learn from amazing people that believed in me to give me opportunity, and those who believed in me to follow me to new opportunities. Now as CEO of Optimizely, I am blessed to have a fantastic team, amazing value-proven products, and a recognized brand to help companies rely less on assumptions but move to knowing as their customer experience becomes a digital experience.

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  • It is clear from our data and conversations with customers that digital transformation is being accelerated to address immediate needs due to COVID-19. Direct-to-consumer sales, for example, have been discussed for years, but now the time is there to rethink your go-to-market channel. Getting in touch with customers directly and in a hyper-relevant way is business critical when in-person tactics are impossible to execute. You can't not be digital anymore; you can't not create content to create engaging experiences; you can't not sell directly.

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