Alex Buck

Founder and Operator at Warfield Distillery & Brewery
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Alex Buck is cofounder of Warfield Distillery & Brewery. He began his career as a lawyer in California; however, when he wasn’t drafting briefs or representing clients, he was busy making beer and studying spirits (because it’s illegal to distill without a TTB permit). Alex’s home-brew recipes served as the basis for the many of the mash bills used to create Warfield beer today. Alex continues to explore his passion for great spirits and beer by helping distill and brew with the distillery and brewery crew whenever time allows.

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  • Warfield is in a unique position – we are small and growing, but we have a lot of fans from around the country who find us on their vacation to the greater Sun Valley area. We wanted to create the opportunity for our fans to purchase and share their favorite Warfield brews and spirits with their friends and family, regardless of if they live in our current distribution targets.

    15 February 2022
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