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Alex Wearn is the Co-founder and CEO of Aurora, creators of IDEX, the leading decentralized exchange. Alex has led software and product development teams at Amazon, Adobe, IBM and other industry-leading technology companies. With a dual MBA in Finance and Operations and MS in Design and Innovation from Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, Alex specializes in leading operations, marketing, and sales analytics for cutting-edge software products.

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  • Decentralized exchanges put the users ‘closer’ to the blockchain. This means that they have to deal with some of the shortcomings of blockchains themselves. In particular this could include things like long wait times for transaction and trade execution.

    18 May 2021
  • DeFi is destined for meteoric growth, but that growth inherently comes with risk. Issues such as failed transactions and front-running are not subtle, costing users millions of dollars every day. These major ... problems limit the appeal of these products for a wider audience and ultimately hinder the ecosystem's growth.

    18 May 2021
  • Despite the shortcomings limiting the scalability of the DeFi ecosystem, little has been done to mitigate front-running, sandwich attacks, and trade failures. With IDEX Hybrid Liquidity, we’ve finally eliminated these issues that have persisted in the DEX landscape.

    18 May 2021
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