Alex Zekoff

CEO and Co-Founder at Thoughtful
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Alex is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Thoughtful Automation, an automation-as-a-service platform whose mission is to enable all organizations to free their workforce of time-consuming processes. Thoughtful Automation creates and manages automated digital workers that supercharge the operations of their customers across all major business functions including revenue cycle, finance, legal, HR, IT, and beyond. As Chief Executive Officer, his responsibilities include leading the revenue team, helping build a superior go-to-market and growth engine. Alex started his career in technology consulting at a large multinational aerospace and defense company in 2009.

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  • We realize that business automation technology is essential for businesses’ growth, but it’s expensive. Existing solutions completely price out middle market companies. We want to help this underserved segment of companies scale faster, reach their full potential, and keep their employees satisfied. We’ve seen employees wasting upwards of 10 hours a week on repetitive low-value work, and even though our platform creates digital workers (or bots) — our mission is rooted in supporting the happiness of the human workforce. After all, a company is only as good as its employees.