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Aleya Harris, CPCE is the founder and owner of Flourish Marketing, an agency dedicated to helping empire-building creative entrepreneurs reach their full potential. She believes that all business owners should make good money doing what they love, and supports her clients through highly-converting marketing strategies, StoryBrand messaging, and BioEnergetic Business Coaching solutions designed to achieve abundance through a holistic approach.

As a certified NES Health Practitioner and StoryBrand guide, Aleya pairs intention with action to help her clients find fulfillment in their businesses through solutions that are as data-based as they are woo. Being Type A and an Enneagram 3, Aleya understands that burnout lurks right around the corner for most go-getters. Creating balance in business and life is critical to enjoying your journey to success, and she is committed to helping entrepreneurs get out of the never-ending grind so they can tap into their heart’s purpose and live a life that uplifts their soul.

Aleya looks at problems from a holistic perspective and combines her NES Health Practitioner and StoryBrand Guide Certifications to work simultaneously on improving the wellness of her clients’ mindset, energy fields, and business strategy. Always with a keen eye on ROI, Aleya helps clients fast track their growth through intuition, science-based systems, and business savvy strategies that allow them to build their empire and establish a legacy for generations to come.

While she works with entrepreneurs of all backgrounds and specialties, Aleya remains dedicated to her roots in the catering and events industry by cultivating a diverse community as the marketing chair for NACE and head of the NACE Black Caucus. For her role, she was honored as the 2020 NACE Emerging Member of the Year, celebrating her commitment and dedication to the organization, along with the President's Award for Leadership in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for her work with NACE to develop an action plan for Black member support.

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  • "A trip to the Amazon and a few ayahuasca journeys later, I learned that a great entrepreneur isn’t the person who does all the things they think they need to do because everyone else is doing it. I decided that I was going to be the kind of entrepreneur who let my heart’s purpose drive my business direction.

    From that day forward, I chose to trust my intuition every single day. Since then, I’ve scaled Flourish Marketing to six figures, gone from near-obscurity to an award-winning marketer who speaks on national stages, grown from a solopreneur to a team of ten, replaced a scarcity mindset with one of abundance, and — most importantly — helped countless people do the same for themselves.

    The lesson here is that everyone —yes, even you reading this!— has an inner wisdom that knows exactly what you need to do to get where you want to go. Unfortunately, most people have silenced that voice in an effort to fit in with the crowd. Consider this your permission to be different and let your intuition take over from here."

    18 January 2022
  • "Bioenergetics is defined as the study and transformation of energy in living organisms. But what does this actually mean? It means that through science-backed research, trained professionals can discover how energy is exchanged throughout your body. You’re more than cells and tiny little atoms. You have energy flowing through your body every minute of every day. This energy can have a tremendous impact on your overall well-being.

    Bioenergetics can help you understand where you’re blocked physically, energetically, emotionally, and spiritually. You should be working with this energy, rather than against it. Aligning what you do with what you need will allow you to discover the flow and abundance you need to thrive in life.

    For entrepreneurs, their energy is tied into their business so intimately — when one is off, the other follows suit. By discovering which areas of our mind, body, and spirit need attention, we can unblock our energy and unleash abundance. And we can do so before the burnout monster truly takes over. And if you’re already struggling with burnout, bioenergetics will help you discover which specific areas you need to address to find alignment again."

    18 January 2022
  • "You can enjoy your entrepreneurial journey without waking up one day and wondering why you got yourself in all this mess. But, there’s one catch: If you want your life to look different, you have to be ready to live differently. The habits and mindsets that got you to the point of burning out must be replaced with those that will recharge, uplift, and reenergize you in business and in life."

    18 January 2022
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