Ali Albazaz

CEO at Inkitt
On the record

Ali is the Chief Executive Officer at Inkitt, a pioneer at the forefront of data driven publishing. With a background in computer science, Ali believes predictive analysis has the potential to make the publishing industry more fair and objective. The inspiration to launch Inkitt came to him when he realized traditional publishers relied on gut instinct to select books for publication, leading to instances such as J K Rowling’s Harry Potter books being rejected by 13 publishers, and Stephen King’s Carrie by 30. He became familiar with rejection slips himself, initially being turned down by 140 investors. But he persevered and within seven years has reached the stage where the concept is a proven success for writers, readers and his business alike.

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  • It's been nothing short of a thrill to work with Henry thus far given his all-hands approach to leadership. His investment is a testament to the need for technological innovation in the publishing industry and also to Inkitt's very bright future. As someone who has brought great success to hundreds of companies, we're excited to have his support as we focus on our global growth.

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