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Alicia is motivated by a lifelong commitment and deep-seated belief in the possibility of a future where young people are equipped with the necessary social, emotional, and practical skills for achieving personal and career success. Alicia has rooted her life's work in social justice organizations and brings a profound passion for issues of access and inclusion that avail young people of essential tools and skills for igniting their full potential, as they progress in their journeys towards self-actualization. She is a general manager with more than 25 years of experience leading nonprofits with a focus on fundraising, program design and management, strategic planning, professional staff development, governance, policy and business development. Alicia is a seasoned executive who has been creating opportunities and leveraging resources to drive lasting social impact.

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  • She just believed in me. And having someone tell you that they believe in you when you’re 7, 8 years old is invaluable. So, when I look at our young people, no matter what their age, no matter what their stage, I say, ‘I believe in you.'

    26 February 2021