Alok Deshpande

Co-Founder and CEO at SmartPath
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Alok inspires, teaches and builds tools to help main street families get on track with their money.

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  • As employers think about their communication strategy, the first step is for them to let employees know that they can use their employers as a resource. Employers should be able to provide some format of tools and support that they couldn’t get on their own.

    5 August 2021
  • Determine the amount you expect to spend, then divide that number by 12 months to determine how much you need to add to your monthly budget. Every month, transfer that amount into your savings account or a separate ‘vacation/travel’ account. Typically, we recommend setting aside 3-5% of your take-home pay for vacation and travel.

    5 August 2021
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    Co-Founder and CEO