Alok Kulkarni

CEO and Co-founder at Cyara
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Alok founded Cyara with the vision that an easy-to-use CX Assurance platform could help enterprises be confident that they were delivering great customer experiences each and every time, even in a world with rapidly changing customer expectations and an ever increasingly complex technology ecosystem.

Prior to Cyara, he was Director, Solutions Engineering, at Genesys where he led the team that architected contact center solutions for the Asia Pacific market, driving Genesys to the top position in that market. He also held various engineering roles at National Australia Bank, NEC, Lincolne Scott, and Boral Building Technologies.

Alok has an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Technology from Melbourne Business School and a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering from Monash University, Australia. Alok is married with two boys and his passions include all things technology, travelling, spirituality, and playing golf.

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  • As well as being a source of insights, the pandemic has created ‘boundary-less’ contact centres. In turn, this is changing the way these teams interact with customers. They will be able to realign the workforce to deal with customer related enquiries at specific times of the day, rather than only when the branch or office is open.

    14 January 2022
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    14 January 2022
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