Alyssa Kuchta

Founder & CEO at f.y.b jewelry
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Alyssa Kuchta is the founder and CEO of f.y.b jewelry, a Brooklyn-based company that brings blissful moments to life through meaningful design, and empowers the pursuit of creative passions. Alyssa first launched f.y.b in 2011 as a senior in college. She has since grown the brand to encompass a network of 400+ nationwide retail partners, hundreds of brand ambassadors, and a thriving mentorship program that pairs emerging creatives with community and career support to help them follow their bliss and fulfill their potential. Sharing the title, Follow Your Bliss, Alyssa’s first book is set to launch in November 2021. In her book she chats with trailblazers like Lo Bosworth, Cyndi Ramirez, Lea d'Auriol, Susan Rockefeller and more. She recently spoke at Create & Cultivate as well.