Amanda Hudes

Founder, Creative Event and Wedding Planner, Wellness Coach at Smiling Through Chaos LLC
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As an award-winning Event and Wedding Planner, Wellness Coach, and Amazon Bestselling Author, my mission in life is to help women and couples celebrate life. My vast experience in executive and project management, product development and event planning has allowed me to create organized, efficient, and smooth-sailing events. With skills in negotiation, relationship management, color stories, and the ability to manage many projects simultaneously, my experience allows me to run an build Smiling Through Chaos as the ultimate Special Events Planner and Coach.

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  • I was planning events in the corporate management world, and personal events on the side, when I started to realize that people around me would get super stressed at the THOUGHT of planning events, and I always had a great time planning them! I’ve always been very organized, someone who likes to check tasks off of a To-Do List (an ENFJ in the Myers Briggs test), creative, and self-motivated, so with my husband’s support, I decided to go for it! I come from a family of entrepreneurs, so I’ve always seen that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to grow a business, and that didn’t scare me, it excited me.

    22 February 2021
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    19 February 2021
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    19 February 2021
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