Amanda Sanders

Advisor - Speaker - Entrepreneur (CEO / CTO) - Unicorn Maker - General Partner at Various Companies and 6 other companies
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Amanda is a 10x entrepreneur with a dynamic journey that's impossible to capture in a summary bio. As a former tech CEO, startup founder, and consultant for companies such as Apple, Dell, Visa, Wells Fargo, Zynga, Verizon, Southwest, Honda, and many other widely known brands, Amanda brings her business strategy and high-growth startup expertise into Authentic CEO where she works with entrepreneurs, corporate executives, investors, and elite performers to transform their businesses, their investments, their relationships, their finances, and their happiness & wellbeing. Amanda has helped make unicorn companies from the inside, and now she is helping make them from the outside through Authentic CEO's Growth Catalyst Power Tools, a groundbreaking fusion of quantum physics, neuroscience, business strategy and consciousness. She also extends this groundbreaking work through a tech startup accelerator (FourthWave), through a Mastermind collaboration with a leading corporate culture consultant (Going Limitless), and by co-founding a venture capital fund that aims to invest $1 billion in women-led and diverse-founded companies that are changing the world (Wai-Mohala Ventures).

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  • If we want to change the workplace, we need to fundamentally change the way work is done.

  • We are being duped by our own commonly held belief that hard work creates success. The cause (hard work) and effect (success) relationship is completely false in most cases which is why so many people are chasing success without the understanding of how to achieve it.

  • If you understood just a tiny fraction of the three basic principles of quantum physics, you would do everything differently in your life. Your work-life, your home-life, your relationships... everything about the reality we live in changes once you begin to understand the mechanics at play. It's like getting the cheat codes to your favorite video game. This is the real application of where science meets everyday life.

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