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Head of Marketing at Seed Technology
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Amber Erickson is an experienced cannabis technology marketer. She is Head of Marketing at Seed Technology, empowering dispensary owners and operators with digital signage and interactive solutions to decrease wait times, increase revenue, and reduce staffing costs. Formerly she served as Head of Content for cannabis POS provider, Flowhub. Prior to joining cannabis, Amber was Managing Editor at Epsilon (Publicis Group). Amber has a B.A. in journalism for Boise State University and an M.A. in holistic health studies from St. Catherine University. She's been recognized by the Content Marketing Awards in both editorial and marketing performance categories.

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  • I expect cannabis to follow the trajectory of modernization found in other industries, like McDonalds, primarily in the adoption of digital tech to decrease overhead and realize higher ticket size.

  • Modern shoppers are used to having options in how they search and buy. This can help customers feel more comfortable and confident when shopping at dispensaries.
    - Some people prefer the full-service option, with 1:1 support.
    - Others prefer a hybrid model, with a bit of assistance and the space to browse on their own.
    - And some prefer to be self-sufficient and not need to work with a budtender.
    Dispensary kiosks allow optionality, letting customers choose the path that most aligns with their preferences and needs.

  • Sourcing ideas is easy because there isn’t already a wealth of information available. My audience—dispensary owners—are looking for education, advice, and guidance, and in many cases, there isn’t easily-accessible information for them. It isn’t uncommon for me to create a thorough resource and hit the #1 spot in the SERPs almost immediately.

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