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Amber Frankhuizen founded AFMKTG in 2018 on an ironing board. After burning out as a VP of Sales & Marketing in the corporate world, she set out to take a few months off before getting back to work, but her phone rang with people asking for help with marketing and social media. She set up shop with a laptop and a makeshift standing desk and founded what is now a booming creative marketing agency.

Amber’s background in luxury real estate, development, and yachting gave way to an agency that believes marketing, branding, and content creation is the application of art in business. And at AFMKTG, a heavy emphasis on mentorship and personal development of the creative people who produce that art sets her company apart.

By developing a comprehensive mentorship program, Amber had pioneered an approach to help other business owners attract young talent through internship programs while perpetuating her mission to help as many young professionals get the coaching and guidance we all so desperately needed when we were in their shoes.

An alumnus of San Diego State University, Amber has received accolades such as mentions in San Diego Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list, San Diego Daily Transcript’s Top 40 Under 40 list, has been a Semi-Finalist in the San Diego Sales & Marketing Leader of the Year Awards, and has is a public speaker, educating and entertaining anyone who will listen to her speak on the topics of mentorship, psychology, marketing and more.

For more on Amber Frankhuizen, follow her on Instagram @amberincalifornia.
For more on AFMKTG, visit or follow them on Instagram @AFMKTG.

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